Our History

Our Groups brief Journey

  • 1960

    Journey Started as a small Trader.
  • 1984

    Started the Business of Cold Chain
  • 1994-95

    Won the best exporter of the year award
  • 1996 -97

    Started the worldwide export of various commodity
  • 1998

    Further Known as the Chilli King in the Indian market
  • 1999

    Exported the record 1000 Container of Chilli worldwide
  • 2005

    Made a huge investment in Cold store facility & own the total cold store facility & logistics network for 20000 MT.
  • 2010

    Made a mile stone by bringing up the turnover for 15 Million USD
  • Further add on the Frozen IQF Imported plant to their list for various frozen fruits & vegetable.


Wadhwani Family migrated from Pakistan in the year 1947. Mr.Uttamchand Wadhwani the head of the family and his sons Mr Prakash Wadhwani , Suresh Wadhwani and Mr. Rajesh Wadhwani, with the help of family started trading of Spices and Chilies as a small trader from Maskasath Itwari, Nagpur under the Name “HEMRAJ UTTAMCHAND” a registered Partnership firm in 1960. They acted as commission agent also known as “Adhtiya chilly Merchant” who used to purchased chilies from the farmers and sell it in domestic market across India. After looking at the potential growth opportunities for the Indian spices in the international market, the family started their own venture named “SURESH EXPORTS” in 1984 to Export Chilly and Spices across the world. The firm awarded as best Exporter in the Year 1995-196 & 2000-2001. The Firm is an ISO 2000:2005 Certified Company. Today the Firm Total Turnover stands at Rs. 5500 lacs . They are associated with the buyer all over the world like USA, Dubai, Turkey, Brazil, Singapore, Mauritius and others.

That day’s most companies prefer to outsource their cold storage facility to relieve themselves of the trouble of having to construct and maintain their own cold storage facilities. This is where independent refrigerated warehouse owners can come in. Through a continuous focus on service, quality and efficiency, The Wadhwani Group, thought of Starting their own Cold Storage in the Year 1989, under the name “Wadhwani Cold Storage & Ice Plant Pvt Ltd” came into existence in the APMC Market , Kalmna, Nagpur to achieve customer satisfaction and eradicated the wastage of fruits and vegetables and spices. Now the group has running three more Cold storages in the name of “Wadhwani Parmeshwari Cold Storage Pvt Ltd in the year 1997”, “Kunal Cold Storage Pvt Ltd” in the year 2003 and “Vidarbha Cold Storage” in the year 2005 . The Total built up area of all the Four Cold Storages is approximately 75000 sq ft.

The Installed Capacity of all the Cold Storages are as under:

  • Wadhwani Cold Storage & Ice Plant Pvt Ltd – 7500 mt
  • Wadhwani Parmeshwari Cold Storgae Pvt Ltd – 3500 MT
  • Kunal Cold Storage Pvt Ltd – 1500 MT
  • Vidarbha Cold Storage Pvt Ltd – 1500 MT

Mr Prakash Wadhwani is the authorized signatory/ Director of the above Companies. The Authorized and Paid Capital of Wadhwani Cold Storage & Ice Plant Pvt Ltd is 80 lacs and that of Wadhwani Parmeshwari Cold Storage Pvt Ltd is 120 lacs. The Total Cooling Rent of both the Cold Storage i.e Farmico Cold Storage Pvt Ltd and Farmico Cold Chain Pvt Ltd in the Year 2015-2016 is 625 Lacs.

The firm name has been changed from Wadhwani Cold Storage & Ice Plant Pvt Ltd. to Farmico Cold Storage Pvt Ltd and Wadhwani Parmeshwari Cold Storgae Pvt Ltd to Farmico Cold Chain Pvt Ltd in the Year 2015-2016.

Mr Prakash Wadhwani director of Wadhwani Commodities Pvt. Ltd. is a unit of WADHWANI GROUP established in year 2006 Situated at Nagpur, India. The company strives for being boundless in the field of International and domestic Trading. The Main activities of the company consist of Imports and trading of Raw Agarbatii, incense sticks, joss powder, wood powder from China and Vietnam, Food stuff such as Spices, Nuts, Fruits, Processed Fruits, Organic Food, Food Grains, and Pulses, respectively. Our company deal in wide range of products like Almond, Blue Berry’s, Cranberry’s from USA, , Poppy Seeds, Oregano, Thyme & Figs from Europe, Cassia from China, Dates, dried ginger, Cashews, Cloves & Long Paper from Dubai, France, and Sri Lanka, , Paste& Sauces from South Africa. Etc.

Company deal in array of products sourced from across the globe where the approach is “Customer centric” in order to achieve ultimate satisfaction of the customer. Point Of Sale is Wholesale market and Retail Distributors across India.

Total Turnover of the Company as on 31st March 2016 is Close to 12000 lacs. The Company’s Authorized Capital Stands at Rs.1000 Lacs.